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Steinbeck Books

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What's your favorite Steinbeck novel or novella? Add a book from Nobel Prize winner, John Steinbeck to your order!

All books are used in good condition.

Cannery Row - A tender and bawdy fable of some gaily disreputable avoiders of work, drunks, fancy ladies, benign bums and social-outcast philosophers including: Dora, Hazel, Mary Talbot, Eddie and of course Doc, owner and operator of the Western Biological Laboratory (which you can see today on Cannery Row in Monterey).

Grapes of Wrath - The Pulitzer Prize - winning epic of the Great Depression, a book that galvanized - and sometimes outraged - millions of readers.

The Pearl - For the diver Kino, finding a magnificent pearl means the promise of better life for his impoverished family. His dream blinds him to the greed and suspicions the pearl arouses in him and his neighbors, and even his loving wife cannot temper his obsession or stem the events leading to tragedy. For Steinbeck, as Linda Wagner-Martin writes in her introduction, Kino and his wife illustrate the fall from innocence of people who believe that wealth erases all problems. 

The Red Pony is a story of a boy who dreamed great dreams, of the sorrel colt that was the focus of those dreams, of the land that nourished them, of the mountains that hid their fulfillment. Steinbeck's early masterpiece reveals his profound love of many things - children and their wondrous imaginings, mountains, animals, people - and the lands. The Red Pony is on of Steinbeck's most beloved works. It will be treasured by generations.