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Friend in Cheese's Jelly

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Every cheese and charcuterie board will benefit from the addition of these jellies from Friend in Cheese Jam Co. in Santa Cruz. These creative and flavorful jellies are made with seasonal fruit to support farmers in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties.

Rosie's Hip - Friend in Cheeses describes it as "She is one hip girl. All the Vit C one could want from mothers nature's ceptors that arrive after the rose has faded. Joining the party a blend of Roobios tea annis, orange peel and cinnamon is a delicate nod to the past."

Ingredients: white grape juice*, cane sugar, pectin, rose hips*, rooibos tea*, cinnamon, star anise, orange peel

Salted Watermelon - Friend in Cheeses describes it as "A true jar of summer. Sitting on the back porch as a child with a creek chilled slab of h20 melon and a shaker of salt at Grammys ranch is the inspiration to this shimmering pink jar that has the brightness of a summer day and just a hint of sea salt to bring us all on a journey of days past. True heirloom watermelons add a great diversity when pairs with well aged cheddar gouda and parmesan."

Part of the Drought Responsibilty Project and all fruit is either dry farmed or low H2O consumption.

Ingredients: pasteurized watermelon, white grape juice, cane sugar, pectin, vanilla, Big Sur Sel (Sea Salt), ascorbic acid

2.6 oz jars

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