Captain + Stoker

Captain + Stoker Coffee

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Captain + Stoker is our favorite local coffee roaster!

The Blends:

Here's what Captain + Stoker have to say about their blends:

The Captain is their premiere blend; "this has become the driving force behind how we roast our other coffees. With an aromatic sweet taste, it showcases well on espresso or with large volumes of milk. Made from two Central Americans and one African, the Captain will be sure to guide you in the right direction."

Notes of dark chocolate, cherry, and citrus.

"The Stoker was created for the easy sippers. You’ll find a Brazil Cerrado Mineiro + a Peru Aprooccurma to create a perfect blend. With citrus in the front rounded off with notes of brown sugar, caramel, & plum. Whether you like it black or with a little cream, this will be sure to fuel your day."

Notes of brown sugar, plum, caramel and orange.

12oz. bags

Process: Washed + natural

Elevation: 1600-2100 meters"

Who are Captain + Stoker?

Captain + Stoker buys quality green beans which means working with companies who take care of their farmers and protect the rainforests. Leaving a small footprint on the Earth, and assuring that the people growing their beans are treated fairly and living happy lives are their core values. Their beans are roasted in their open floor plan coffee shop in Monterey, CA for all of the customers to see. They also enjoy teaching their customers about everything that goes into their cup of coffee. They roast in small batches to protect the quality of each origin, and to be sure the tasting notes are being highlighted in the best way possible.

Why the name?

Here's what they have to say "Not only is our name the two positions of a tandem bicycle, it is also a way of life for us! We work together with everyone around us! We are in tandem with our crew, our community, and our Earth."