Schoch Family Farmstead

Schoch Family Farmstead - Monterey Farmstead Jack Cheese

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1/2 pound, individually wrapped

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The only Monterey Jack cheese made in Monterey County! A more robust version of industrial Jack cheese, this Monterey Farmstead Jack from Schoch Family Farmstead, derived from fresh raw milk, has a lactic quality that reflects its farmstead origins – rugged yet complex, with flavors that continue to speak to you after every bite.  It is aged 4 to 6 months in small, hand-crafted batches, with a natural rind.  This is one of the few truly American cheeses!

To make an amazing cheese board, slice Monterey Farmstead Jack Cheese and Mt. Toro Tomme, serve with Foustman's Salami, Friend in Cheese's Jelly, Honeycomb from the Honey Ladies and your favorite crackers or toasted bread!

Our story of Monterey Jack Cheese:

David Jack’s was the first person to mass market Monterey Jack Cheese, but there is much controversy as to whether he was the one who invented the cheese.  Many believe it came from queso de pais a Spanish cheese that came here via Mexico and was made in Monterey long before Jack’s began selling it. Either Doña Juana Cota de Boronda or Domingo Pedrazzi are believed to have been the first to create Monterey Jack Cheese. Doña Juana was believed to have sold it as queso de pais out of her dairy at the Boronda Adobe and Pedrazzi was believed to have used a housejack to squeeze the moisture out of his cheese, calling it Jack Cheese or Pedrazzi’s Jack Cheese.  

About Schoch Family Farmstead:

Schoch Family Farmstead was one of about 80 different dairies spread out around the Salinas area, but nowadays they’re only one of two, and only one of three dairies in all of California that’s certified to sell raw milk.  There is a rich history of dairying in Monterey County – once home to hundreds of small dairies, mostly in the Salinas Valley.  Many of these dairies were owned and operated by immigrants of Swiss or Portuguese descent.  Nowadays, Schoch Dairy is one of the last remaining.

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