Heritage Chocolates Corralitos

Heritage Chocolates Corralitos

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Heritage Chocolates Corralitos are a family owned and operated chocolatier. They learned their chocolate making process from their late father, who never sold a piece of chocolate, only made it to give away to friends and family. We enjoyed pairing their chocolates with wine from Comanche Cellars, Puma Road and Pierce Ranch Vineyards on our Old Monterey and Local Seafood Tours.

8 Piece Soft Center Artisan Chocolate Assortment from Heritage Chocolates Corralitos. Dark and milk chocolates filled with raspberry, strawberry, coconut, blackberry, chocolate, apricot, coffee and lemon.

The blackberries and lemons found in these chocolates are grown on their family estate in Corralitos, and the apricots are grown on Hartman Ranch in Hollister. The toppings are created by Off the Hook Essentials using natural/raw sugar and superfoods for color. 

4 Piece Chocolate Covered Caramel Assortment- Lavender Caramel, Dark Salted Caramel, Plain Caramel, Rose Caramel

Heavenly Rose Bar - Dried strawberries, pistachios, rose petals & cardamom fill this 2.5” square bar

2 Piece Soft Center Fall Chocolates - These chocolates really bring the taste of fall. One chocolate is orange filled and the other is a fall spice with orange peel, clove, cinnamon and more.

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